Once a year we create something new, just for the love of creating. Not for the money, but to make sure we don’t stop doing the things we love doing the most. Creating new concepts that have real (social) impact.

It seems like everyone is hashtagging the shit out of foodporn nowadays on Instagram and Snapchat. But at the same time people are starving. Tastees is our way of raising awareness (and a few bucks) to fight the hunger problem. We aim to address the issue, but not by being heavy hearted about it.

We prefer to enthuse people and activate them to become part of a positive initiative. Tastees is a t-shirt label that allows you to express your taste in the most literal way: by wearing it on your chest. Every shirt features a different dish: from popular street food to more traditional dishes. In the end all t-shirts have one thing in common: the ‘cool’ factor. Our pizza delivery guy ‘Yung Mouna’ delivers the t-shirts in a pizza box. And for every shirt sold, we donate 20 school lunches to the World Food Program. We donated more than 30.000 school lunches in less than three months. And the best part? People where talking about the issue.©

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